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AtarahBaby Blog

Nov 02, 2020 admin

Having a Baby During a Pandemic- A Mothers Worst Nightmare

If you are expecting and ready to deliver anytime soon, chances are you are experiencing some intense anxiety as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. I am anxious and constantly researching on the effects it has on mothers and newborns. I do have a lot of worries left unanswered. One thing I know for sure, is that my birth and postpartum experience will definitely be affected by this outbreak. Hospitals and healthcare providers have new policies to protect themselves and the patients they serve.

I have experienced some of these changes. Apart from the constant covid-19 questionnaires I have to fill before each doctors appointment, my partner is not allowed to come along for these appointments. I have to ensure that my phone is charged for him to join the meeting virtually. I had a complete emotional breakdown at one of my ultrasound appointments. I really wanted my partner to be present in person. Although, he could see from the phone, it was just not the thesame.

This pandemic has altered my birth and after care plans. I have loved ones who had planned to travel, to be at my delivery and also help out with my postpartum care. This is my first baby and I am so nervous. At 38 weeks, I could have this baby at any moment. A lot is going on and most of it is beyond my control. However, I can try to control and manage my response through this emotional process. I am learning to keep a positive mindset, meditate and pray that everything works out.

I know there are so many expecting mothers in similar situations or maybe even worse. I send prayers to everyone of them at this trying time. This too shall pass and we will all come out of it alive, healthy and happy.



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