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AtarahBaby Blog

Oct 27, 2020 admin

*Why Mothers Love Atarahbaby Organic Skincare Products*

When you find out that you are expecting, you begin your research on what to expect and how to prepare, almost immediately. The information on the internet can be overwhelming. You have a lot of decisions to make about what you and your baby needs before and after delivery. You worry about the perfect bassinet, clothing, toys and skincare product. Sometimes, you even wonder if you need skincare products on your baby.

Natural products vs Synthetic products…Does it really matter?

Your baby’s skin is very sensitive and delicate, hence does not function as a normal barrier like adult skin does. For this reason, it is important that we are intentional with what we put on baby’s skin. It must be gentle, free of artificial ingredients and irritants that may further dry baby’s skin out. You should avoid products that contain artificial fragrance, sulfate, petrochemicals, mineral oils, lanolin, paragon preservatives, propylene glycol and phthalates.

Moms love Atarahbaby products because it nurtures, nourishes, protects and gently cares for their baby’s skin. All Atarahbaby ingredients are carefully sourced natural, vegan, and organic vegetable oils and extracts. Ingredients like wheat germ oil, organic lavender, organic shea butter, oat extract, organic avocado oil, neem oil, and organic aloe vera leaf extract are some of the gifts of nature that keep all our Atarah babies glowing and healthy.

At Atarahbaby, we are not just providing all natural organic skincare; we are improving skin immunity.



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