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AtarahBaby Blog

Oct 06, 2020 admin



Your due date is approaching and you have started your count down. You’ve decided on a birth plan and probably taken some childbirth classes🤰.⁠ ⁠ You’ve stocked up on diapers, feeding bottles, cute onesies, and every other item you think or have been told that you may need for your newborn-and you may want to bring all your purchases to the hospital with you!⁠ ⁠ What if I told you, that most of the things you think you will need at the hospital won’t ever leave your bag😃These items would take up valuable space that you would need for bringing some hospital goodies back home.⁠ ⁠

I can tell you that some hospitals feed surprisingly well. They also provide comfortable onesie, cooling pads and disposable diapers for mother and child🙂(make sure to check your hospital’s policies, especially during the coronavirus). ⁠ ⁠

Though most hospitals will provide the bare necessities, you still need some must haves. The following are essential must haves for all our expecting atarah moms and babies;⁠

⁠ 💺 Car Seat

⁠ 📱Phone, charger and ear pods⁠

📂Driver’s license, insurance card, birth plan and pen⁠

👗Comfortable delivery gown and underwear⁠

👚 Nursing Pajamas, robes or sleepwear⁠

🤱Breast Pads and nursing bras⁠

🧦 Favorite pair of socks and flip flops⁠

🤱Breast pump, pumping bra and nipple balm⁠

🛀 Toiletries and perineal cleansing spray⁠

🍼Feeding bottle and formula ⁠

🍪Healthy Snacks⁠

👗Going home outfit⁠

👶Burp clothes, blanket and coming home outfit

⁠ 🚿Shower sandals and head cover⁠

💊Prenatal vitamins⁠

☘️Atarahbaby organic gentle skin and hair wash⁠

🍃Atarahbaby organic healing diaper cream and ⁠oil

What did you have in your hospital bag? ⁠ Did you use everything you packed?⁠

Please leave share your comments.

Remember, your child is your greatest asset. Invest in atarahbaby healthy organic skincare products. Develop healthy skincare routines, and put your fears to rest.⁠


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