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Feb 14, 2020 admin


Kester is 10 months now. I love that he sits up, crawls, cruises, stands and he’s getting ready to walk. He started teething at 5 months, and he would put everything within his reach into his mouth. At 8 months, he had stopped eating a lot of his baby food. All he wanted was whatever mum was having. he now eats finger foods, soup, noodles, fish, chicken, yogurt etc. This means dirtier diapers! I used AtarahBaby Glow Baby Oil on my skin during my pregnancy, to avoid dry skin and breakouts. I love that the ingredients in all AtarahBaby products are chemical free and natural! Kester gets squeaky clean with fresh smell after every diaper change, because I use AtarahBaby Cooling Calendula Spray with baby wipes.

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